More Success Stories

Cinch Transformation NYC 5-2012

How people are having success getting healthier using the Shaklee products
changing there lifestyle. Shedding the extra pounds and inches.

Cinch Transformation Story 1. – Man XL to Medium

Cinch Transformation Story 2. – Heather

Tired all the time, blood pressure, acne, cardiologist, mood, off all medications, lost 30 lbs, went from size 8 to size 2. Z Pack every other month, no more stomach problems.

Cinch Transformation Story 3. – Sofia

Started out as a size 16, thyroid issues, back and joint pain, Julie lost 35 pounds.

Cinch Transformation Story 4. – Julie

Went from eating junk, to being healthy and off medications.

Cinch Transformation Story 5. – Mom

Struggling to loose weight loses 54 pounds and from a size 18 to 4.

Cinch Transformation Story 6. – Emilie

Emilie started her weight challenges as a child, at age 10 Emilie was a size 12, but the end of high school Emilie as in a size 28 and over 350 lbs and a size 28 was to tight. By her second year in college she had lost 70 lbs by not eating, but it all came back on. In early 2011 she was having problems walking and getting out of bed, her legs would give out, at that time Emilie weighed 312 pounds. Her mom’s friend recommended she see a local Chiropractor Dr Victoria Malchar. Dr Malchar recommended she start swimming to strengthen her muscles, she then started on Cinch and Performance and in the beginning of July 2011 Emilie was swimming 1 hour a day. By November 10 she was down to a size 20 and lost 95 pounds. From November 10 2011 to December 24, 2011 Emilie lost another 8 pounds and went from a size 20 to size 12. Emilie continues her journey to being healthier and has lost over 106 pounds, she is in a size 12 right now.

Cinch Transformation Story 7. – Blind Man

Cinch Transformation Story 8. – Brandy

Weighted 315 lbs – Inoperable Brain Tumor

Cinch Transformation Story 9. – Thyroid Issues