Jacqui McCoy Story

Jacqui McCoy Story

Jacqui McCoy was featured on Extreme Weight loss Weight Loss Edition.

Jacqui McCoy Journey. Some of you may have seen Jacqui on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition on ABC. Jacqui had struggling with her weight since she was 14 years old. At 29 years old she found herself at a miserable 355 pounds. Although she was happily married to the man of her dreams and had a successful career she was deeply unhappy and uncomfortable in her own skin. She tried over and over again to lose weight but never made it past 50 pounds. With over 200 pounds to lose she felt hopeless. The last blow came when she found out that her weight was causing fertility issues and because she was so overweight she was not even eligible to have fertility treatments.
At this dark point in my life I had the great blessing to be chosen for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. She never could have dreamed the new direction her life would take. This show is not your ordinary reality weight loss show. Chris and Heidi Powell invested in her life and loved her through the hardest battle she has ever fought. In the process she learned so much from them and about herself.

Jacqui found the biggest hurdle to weight loss is not your body but your brain. It was when she changed my mind about who she was, what she is worth, and what she was capable of doing. Once she finally found her fight to lose the weight realized life is a fight.

We are all battling something in this world and we can ether find our fight or give up. I gave up too many times before. You only get one life and I plan to fight for the things that are important and never give up!

After losing 207 pounds on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition going from 355 pounds to 148 pounds, Jacqui became the biggest weight loss by percentage in weight loss television history at above 58% lost.

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