Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Why many diets fail…

1). Lifestyle Changes

People decide to lose weight on the latest “fad” and they lose weight. They take steps to reduce calories, decide to

start exercising, and often are doing the wrong types of exercises and are not changing the necessary changes to

support long-term weight loss.


2). Calories & Meals

Often people reduce calories, and in some cases skip meals, or eat the wrong types of foods to support a healthy lifestyle and long-term weight loss. Simply reducing calories will reduce weight with most people in the short term. Often this weight loss is due to loss of water, muscle and fat. That feeling of looking at the scale, can make for disapointment later on as it’s a temporary or unhealthy weight loss.

If we are not consuming enough water during this program, the results can be more demand on organs such as liver, kidneys, brain and other organs, from the toxins being released from fat.


3). Muscle Loss

This is perhaps one of the largest problems when people skip meals, do not exercise or have had many failed weight loss attempts. With many diets, when you reduce calories without any sort of exercise, you lose muscle and fat. We want to lose fat, however we want to maintain or increase the amount of muscle, since muscle drives our metabolism. Shaklee scientist have done extensive clinical studies in the area
of body physiology, weight loss, and performance products for athletes. The found that the Amino Acid Leucine when combined with the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats prevents muscle loss.*


1). Why Ordinary Diets Fail?

2). Why Cinch Works – Muscle meet Leucine (Amino Acid)


3). The Power Behind Cinch – Amino Acid Leucine

4). Clinical Studies – Proof

Cinch Nutrients and Cost

The following example shows the amount of food you would need to eat to consume the nutrition in one

Cinch Drink or Cinch Meal Bar. The cost of the food is over $21.00 vs less than $3.00 for the Cinch Meal.

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