Protein means … primary … in the lead … comes first

Dr. Shaklee used to say … “If you can only take one of my products … take the protein.”

Protein is …

  • the building blocks of EVERY CELL in the body
  • the building blocks of over 100 HORMONES
  • the building blocks of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES
  • the building blocks of ANTIBODIES
  • Your bones are 65% protein
  • Protein builds muscle … you have 640 muscles in the body = 40% of your weight

How much protein do we need on a daily basis?

Some say the baseline amount is …

  • .4 gms per pound … non-athlete
  • .6 gms per pound … non-athlete
  • .8 gms per pound … non-athlete
  • 1 gm per pound (for body builder)
  • 1.2 gms per pound (for endurance athlete)


150 lb x .4 = 60 gms
150 lb x .6 = 90 gms
150 lb x .8 = 120 gms

What increases the need for protein in the body?

  • actively involved in physical work or play
  • growing kids
  • stress
  • recovery from injury
  • pregnant / nursing
  • digestive issues
  • sickness / diseases
  • etc.

Hypothetical Day of 150 pound office worker …

Breakfast: Starbucks & Muffin 4 gms protein

Lunch Grilled Chicken Sandwich 25 gms protein

Mid-afternoon Snickers Bar negligible

Dinner 6 oz steak 42 gms protein

½ cup beans 7 gms

Total = 78 gms

How much is needed?

  • 150 x .6 gms per pound = 90 … 12 grams short … 13% short
  • 150 x .8 gms per pound = 120 … 42 grams short … 35% short


Protein Presentation


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  • What if this person was stressed that day?
  • What if this person played a baseball / hockey game that night?
  • What if this person went for a three mile jog that night?
  • What if this person’s digestive tract was not absorbing proteins properly?

ANSWER … all of these situations would increase the amount of required protein … causing him to be even more sub-optimal


QUESTIONWhat if there are sub-optimal amounts of protein that day or several days in a row?

ANSWERCannibalization & Degeneration

  • What if the pancreas needs PROTEIN to make LIPASE, but it is missing?
    (Answer: You will be short of digestive enzymes that day)
  • What if the pineal gland needs PROTEIN to make MELATONIN, but it is missing?
    (Answer: Melatonin is a sleep hormone … this could affect your sleep. Melatonin is also an anti-cancer hormone. Frequent shortages increase our risk.)
  • What if the immune system needs PROTEIN to make ANTIBODIES, but it is missing?
    (Answer: Our immune system will be weaker)
  • What if the bones need PROTEIN to build BONE STRUCTURE, but it is missing?
    (Answer: Our ability to build quality bone will be reduced)

Shaklee Protein














Understanding Protein

Protein foods provide amino acids. The digestive system must break the protein chunks into individual amino acids

Understanding Amino Acids

  • There are NINE amino acids you MUST get from your foods.

These are called the “9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS”.

  • If you provide the nine essential amino acids in your food intake, then your body can manufacture 13 more. These are called the “13 NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS” because your body can make them. (If you are missing even one of the “ESSENTIAL” amino acids, you cannot manufacture the 13 non-essential aminos).
  • Your “miracle” body links the 22 amino acids and builds AMINO ACID CHAINS
  • You require COMPLETE, UNBROKEN AMINO ACID CHAINS to perform some of the most important functions in the body
    • Build cellular tissue
    • Manufacture hormones
      (the body makes over 100 different hormones)
    • Manufacture digestive juices
    • Manufacture antibodies
    • Manufacture enzymes
      (Note: Enzymes make minerals & vitamins work …. they are the catalysts that cause all cellular activity)

Your TWO Protein Goals:

  1. QUANTITY – Get “enough” protein every day
    1. Get adequate protein daily (3/4 gram per pound of body weight)
    2. Get more if:
      i. Stressed
      ii. Working hard physically
      iii. Going through a growth phase
    3. QUALITY – Get “complete” protein every day
      • Complete proteins contain the “nine ESSENTIAL” amino acids
      • Provide ½ of your protein raw
      • Get easily digested protein
      • Get low-fat proteinProtein-Checklist

Taking Shaklee Soy Protein DAILY is a convenient way to provide a GUARANTEED supply of the NINE ESSENTIAL Amino Acids. (If you are missing just one “Essential” Amino Acid in one day, your immune system can be depressed 35% that day. That’s how crucial it is to have a guaranteed supply of the NINE ESSENTIALS!


Below is an excerpt taken from the Nutrition Almanac

Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body. It is of primary importance in the growth and development of all body tissues. It is the major source of building material for muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs, including the heart and the brain.



Protein is needed for the formation of hormones, which control a variety of body functions

such as growth, sexual development, and rate of metabolism.


Enzymes (substances necessary for basic life functions) and antibodies (which help fight foreign substances in the body) are also formed from protein.


During digestion, proteins are decomposed into simpler

units called “amino acids.” The body requires approximately 22 amino acids in a specific pattern to make human protein. All … BUT THE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS CANNOT be produced in the adult body. They must be supplied in the diet.


IF JUST ONE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID IS MISSING, (even temporarily), protein synthesis will fall to a very low level or stop altogether.* The result is that ALL AMINO ACIDS ARE REDUCED IN THE SAME PROPORTION AS THE AMINO ACID THAT IS LOW OR MISSING.

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