Getting Started

Getting Started on a Nutritional Program

Created by Nature, harnessed by Science…

According to the Journal of American College of Nutrition, Decline in Nutrient contents of crops has
dropped from 1950 to 1999. 90% of Americans fall short of getting essential nutrients in our diets.

So where do we start? First we start with a Multiviamin that is clinically tested and proven to work.

What Multivitamin exceeds the standard?

  • Is your multivitamin Guaranteed?
  • Does your multviamin have have over 50 years of clinical research?
  • Our multivitamin is based on over 95 years of research** 5 decades of Clinical Studies
  • Safety – Over 349 quality tests are performed every time its made. Most companies perform 80 tests if that.
  • Millions of Satisfied Customers






Clinical Studies.

  • 1970’s Effects of Calcium and Micro-nutrients on Bone Loss in Women
  • 1980’s – Multivitamin-Mutltimineral Supplementation Effects on Blood Chemistries in College Age Women (Private School – Dietition meals)
  • 1990’s – Effect of long Term Vitamin-Mineral Supplements on Immune Response in Seniors
  • 2000’s – Landmark Study
  • 2010’s – Effects of Vita-Lea Gold on Blood Vitamin D levels in Non-Supplement Users

Listen to Les Wong about these studies.