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The problem isn’t losing weight, It’s Keeping It Off!

Create your own Happily Ever After-After™ health story and lifestyle.

In order for your weight loss to be long-term it must do three things.

  • Prevent loss of lean muscle
  • Restore metabolism
  • Teach a true lifestyle change

What if you could do all three while getting healthier at the same time?

Learn how the 180 programs can help you stay lean and healthier for your own Happily Ever After-After™ lifestyle.

Watch award wining author and columnist Sloan Barnett talk about the solutions facing millions
of Americans. With guests, Jacui McCoy (Biggest Loser) and many others.
Part 1.

Become a Shaklee 180™ Specialist!

The Shaklee 180™ program is designed to help you succeed in your weight loss journey–people will notice your new shape. They’ll ask you about it. And as you share your success with them, Shaklee will reward you–it’s that simple.

A great way to start is to get your product free with 3 for Free! Just get three friends to join you in a Shaklee 180™ and your product is free. 3 for Free is only the beginning. Becoming a Shaklee 180™ Specialist opens up even more possibilities. You can earn extra money each month, receive a car bonus and even have a full-time career.

How far you go is up to you–you get to decide what’s right for you. Contact me to find out more!

Earning is Simple!
You can put yourself on the path to finding your very own financial After-After–with extra income for your family and yourself. By simply throwing Shaklee 180™ Parties, you could be on your way to a new car, a family vacation, or saving up a nest egg. By becoming a Shaklee Specialist can help make it happen–all in your spare time!

Part 2.

Part 3.
More science and benefits from the Shaklee 180 Turnaround and Lean & Healthy
Shaklee Lean & Healthy – Dr Stephen Chaney

Part 4.
Shaklee 180 Turnaround – Dr Stephen Chaney