What’s Safe – Whats Not

Understanding Toxins in our home!

Up to 20% of lead exposure comes from our drinking water, this affects the IQ and learning abilities. Getting the lead out, for healthier, clean great tasting glass of water.

Over 80,000 chemicals in the US, the EPA requires toxicity testing on less than 500. Perhaps our families, our children are the largest laboratory test for these toxins. It’s time to take control and get the toxins out of your home.

The Toxic Brew

The following video is a report from the CBC Canadian Broadcasting Company.


Toxic Hold-em – Whats safe and whats not.

There are many unsafe and safe products on the market, these are just a few of the unsafe products,
that are currently used by consumers in the US and Canada.
I have been using Shaklee’s green products since 1981. Shaklee came out with one of the worlds first
bio-degradable cleaners in 1960. I use them because the work great, I save money and they make a
difference on our planet.