Fitness & Movement

Each person has a different view of what they “should” or “should not” do.

The basic rule of thumb for exercise is movement, do things each day that

are going to activate your entire body. This can be walking, climbing stairs,

planks, pushups, weights, swimming, cycling etc.

Some people have physical limitations due to age, health concerns, and doctor recommendations, these should also be taken into account when you are starting a program, and though we have recommendations for basic exercise activities you may want to check with your doctor prior to starting
a new exercise program.

Note: Injuries
If you broke your leg and your doctor tells you can’t workout, you still have one leg, two arms and the rest of your body. There are activities that you can do to maintain or even increase lean muscle mass even with injuries, as long as you are not putting stress on the other injured part of your body.

Muscle vs Fat

1 pound of fat = 1 pound of muscle = 1 pound of feathers.

of course each take up a different amount of space or volume.











Strength training

When you use weights or motion to utilize your muscle this can not only strengthen your muscle, it can create
more lean muscle that you may have lost from failed diets, poor lifestyle choices and simply skipping meals.

This process continues to burn calories even after you have stopped working out, depending upon you level
of activities.

Cardio Training

Most cardio training burns calories only during the time you are actually doing the activity.