About Me

Having Fun, Helping Others, Improving The Planet
I don’t use Shaklee products because I have a business relationship with Shaklee.
I use Shaklee products because I have scientific validation that they are the highest quality available and that they are safe and highly effective. I have been using Shaklee vitamins and products since 1981 (over 30 years).

While I initially used Vita-Lea dietary supplements because I wanted more energy, I learned later that Shaklee products were not just better for my health but also better for our planet.  I became motivated to share environmentally safe Shaklee products with everyone because of a personal tragedy.  My father unexpectedly died in 1978.  My family later discovered his organs failed because of chemicals he handled every day at work and dietary choices my father had chosen.

Those same chemicals are found in our homes in products we use every day.

Shaklee’s commitment to scientific integrity in their products and their philosophy of doing business by the Golden Rule is what attracted me to the company.

The resulting improvements in my health from using the products made me committed to not only becoming a lifelong Shaklee customer, but to share Shaklee with others through my own Shaklee business.

I also decided to start a Shaklee business because of the lifestyle Shaklee could provide. I’ve worked 60-80 hour weeks doing engineering, carpentry, and sales but I wanted more from life.  I wanted time to spend with my family.  My father was a devoted and engaged parent and I have many great memories thanks to him.  Today I live a block from the ocean where my dad brought us as children to go shell fishing.  I’m able to decide the hours I want to work, and when to have fun, when to relax, or when to pursue my other interests.

Everyone with a Shaklee business has a story to tell. Some come hoping to improve their health and stay to improve their lives. Some start a business to have more time with their families and end up with six-figure incomes. Some are disenchanted professionals who discover new meaning in their work. Some want to earn travel benefits or a new car, and learn to dream bigger dreams. Whatever you dream about for yourself can become a reality with a Shaklee business. Whether you want a part-time income, a full-time career, the means to finance your children’s college education or to realize a special dream, Shaklee offers you a uniquely rewarding way to achieve your goals.


If you are considering a home business, or know someone who is, and would like to learn more about the Shaklee opportunity that for over 50 years has provided thousands upon thousands of people with an excellent income working part-time out of the home (and now on the internet), click on Contact Me (or E-mail Jeffrey@JeffreyWhittaker.com) and tell me your situation, goals and dreams. I’ll provide you with more information on the Shaklee Opportunity, to help you decide if a Shaklee home business might be right for you.


If you decide to join my team, I’ll provide you with excellent training and support including regular business builder trainings, e-mail and personal support, dynamic PowerPoint Presentations, phone support, access to the Shaklee online library, and much, much more.


I would love to have you as part of my team and promise to support you as you build your own successful Shaklee business and make your life’s dreams come true by making other lives better by sharing Shaklee. My life has been forever enriched by my decision to start a Shaklee home business and I’m confident your life would be too.