NEW DIET PILL 78% WEIGHT LOSS – Do you get these, see these on TV. Are they true? Yes and No. lets break down what
78% weight loss means… I prefer to have 100% weight loss, thats what I teach my clients. You see 78% translates to 78% +22% = 100%. It’s that 22% that no one thinks about. You see that 22% is made up of Muscle and Water, two things you don’t want to lose, you need water to flush toxins and to keep your body running properly, and you need muscle to burn calories and to get rid of FAT. Every time a person skips a meal, the food comes on as Fat. For every 5 lbs of muscle you lose
you lose the ability to burn about 300 calories, that is why people lose weight on these Yo-Yo diets only to gain it back on. You must have a balance of healthy protein, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats. One also needs to exercise at there own pace, just because someone else can do an extreme workout, does not mean your body can, this is where injuries can happen and when people can cause harm to the heart and other organs.